The Horse Institute’s innovative corporate education program has been recognized for its expedient, sustainable results in numerous influential national and international print and broadcast media including The New York Times, National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”, TV Tokyo and others.


Click on the links below for a sampling of news clips:


PR Web - The Horse Institute Launches Innovative New Coaching Program for Scientific Leaders


The New York Times - Business Section

"A Classroom Where the Teacher Really Wants That Apple" by Harry Hurt III.


National Public Radio -     All Things Considered

 "Horse Sense: New Breed Of Executive Training" by Jim Zarroli


WCBS 880 Newsradio New York -  CEO Radio with Ray Hoffman


        Part 1 - Using Horses to Improve Employee Performance

        Part 2 - Managing Change, Cultural Diversity, and More

        Part 3 - Growing Up with the Horses in France's Champagne Region

        Part 4 - What Would a Group Do at the Horse Institute?

        Part 5 - Horses Reading Humans' Minds Through Non-Verbal Signals

        Part 6 - Horse Institute's Measure of Success and a Fear of Horses

        Part 7 - No Mules - Marie-Claude Stockl Loves All of Her Groups

        Part 8 - Horses Aren't People

        Part 9 - Seeing Without Tunnel Vision

        Part 10 - Equine Assisted Learning


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